Having Fun Learning Using Online Games

There are many ways of learning and one of the ways is using online games and activities. I’ve listed ALL the games on Teach.Land that I have for my students on this page, including the games that I have made.  They are broken up into categories (Math, Language Arts, etc.).  Enjoy!

Math - Addition Practice
Math - Addition and Subtraction Practice
Find the Pair Game - Shapes
Fun Kids Math Game
Math - Fun Baked Fractions
Guess the Number
Math Plus Game
Math - Multiplication Practice
Math Lines Game
Prodigy Game
Reflex Math
Spot the Number Game
Math - Subtraction Practice

Language Arts

Social Studies
Where is That?

Online Coloring Book
Paint Online
Selfie Stickers Game
This is Sand

Code.org - Programming
Cup Stacking Game
Practice Moving the Mouse
Z-Type Typing Game

Desert Dive
Knowledge Adventure Games
Nick Jr. Games - Nickelodeon
Papa's Pastaria Game
PBS Kids Games
Sesame Street Games
Sprout Games
Turtle Diary