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Fruit Merge


Embark on a fruity adventure with “Fruit Merge,” a captivating puzzle game designed for your computer. Using touch or mouse controls, immerse yourself in the delightful challenge of combining matching fruits before they reach the top.

As an array of colorful fruits descends, your task is to swiftly match identical fruits to create the next fruit in the sequence. For example, combine two apples to form a pear, two pears to make an orange, and so forth. Keep your wits sharp and your reflexes agile, as failure to combine fruits before they hit the dotted line will bring your game to an end.

Delight in the vibrant graphics and cheerful soundtrack as you strive for high scores and mastery over the fruity puzzles. With each successful combination, you’ll experience the sweet satisfaction of progress and advancement.

Bask in the challenge of “Fruit Merge” as you test your puzzle-solving skills and compete for the top spot among friends. Are you ready to dive into a world of fruity fun? Play “Fruit Merge” now and discover the joy of mastering the art of fruit combination!